In production

One of the things this girl loves about her Dom is his ability to make things. It saves money, its fun and it makes toys feel special and unique rather than mass produced and over priced! This is a sample of home made restraints (apart from handcuffs) and suspension kit as a start….

Bondage equipment - home made

This girl has started trying to put together a few useful links of resources for learning to make your own toys. Certainly the book Kinky Crafts was a good start for her Dom and he has made nearly everything in it – so if anyone wants a picture of anything from the book just say so and will try and find one lol.

It helps though mainly to have a good imagination and to be able to make use of materials that you have available. When this girl arrived at her Master’s the other day he had made a gag which is attached to a bottle that you can fill with liquid with a release valve on it, works kinda like an enema kit but a drinks bottle on the end attached to a gag so it goes into your mouth and not your bum it has not been fully tested yet but the idea is certainly interesting in theory to mind fuck people with hehehe.

For a while this girl’s Dom creativity went off the boil because of having a kind of shit time for a bit with this girl’s ex and things but is now back in full force and currently he is working on a ’tilt frame’ may post pictures of this later as description alone will not explain what it is properly! Also hoof boots for pony play are in production as well and a new pony harness so its all good and all extremely appreciated by this poor tortured girl hehehe 🙂

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