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This girl sometimes wonders whether people judge her at all for writing her posts this way, whether they like it , hate it, or are indifferent. Though really it doesnt matter as she writes this way as it is a tool she uses to help her reflect upon her experiences from the outside-in and also because her Master likes it. This girl is not gorean, she only uses this style of writing for her blog and no where else. However…she has come across people who use it more frequently…like in chat….

This girl was in a chat room and came across a gorean girl was in the room who chatted in third person. This is not something this girl would do, as she has mentioned already she uses it for her blog alone as its the style she has chosen for her blog for her own reasons and thats it. This girl is not gorean and does not fully understand gor. She’s not anti-gor though like some, its just not something that she thinks would work for her. She doesnt understand people who go as far to say ‘gor is a philosophy’ as its not, its a KINK. You cannot compare someone who wrote adult books with a greak philosopher for example. Just like anything else in BDSM its part of how people might choose to dress up their fantasy. This girl’s BDSM has been formulated and evolved to fit with what suit her and her Dom and she doesnt see how any other BDSM or Gorean couple would differ to this. Maybe there are some elements of her relationship that are not dissimlar to Gor, and there are others that are similar to Master/slave dynamiques and so on, a buffet of kink if you like. lol. You take the bits you like to make it work.

Anyway the girl she spoke to was speaking in the room in the third person. Some people might think that an odd choice to make for going in a chat room but each to their own. But thats not what this girl found bad. The problem was that other people felt the need to challenge the person’s choices for doing this. As in, this is a bdsm room not a gor one dont talk like that here. Now to this girl leading a lifestyle that encorporates elements of kink should go hand in hand with an open mind. But it didnt appear to in this case, in fact the person was severely criticized for writing that way and pulled up for it. We need to accept that not everyone is going to have the same kinks. Why is that so hard for some people? This girl doesnt understand every kink out there but that doesnt make the people who practise them lepers!

This girl could understand the person making a complaint about someone’s BDSM practices if they were non-consensually involving others in it in public, but in a chatroom? What difference does it make. Its hardly the type of forum where grammar and language is used properly anyway lol.

We all have our own reasons and motives to how we express ourselves, online, real-life, kink, vanilla whatever. It cannot be avoided that people will judge you based on how you express yourself because it is big part of human nature to form opinions of other people. This girl would hope that she comes across as being fun and intelligent and openminded she certainly at least tries to be and it is enough for her that she knows that she does her best on that level. If someone wants to challenge what she’s written she welcomes that provided it is a well thought out arguement rather than pulling her up for grammatical mistakes as that’s just pedantic (and would probably be too time consuming for the person to find all their errors lol)

As for writing third person? It helps her express herself and her Dom likes it and for their purposes whilst it works here its not required elsewhere, but this girl would not make fun of someone who chooses to take it further or for their kink writings or practices in any event, because everyone has been educated differently and we all have our own style and our own desires and sexual cravings. End of. lol

3 thoughts on “Writing this way

  1. Hi! Just wanted to throw my two cents in to your questions and thoughts. Am reading your blog today and just saw all the lonely posts with no comments and this one jumped out at me!

    To me, the use of “this girl” and such can be a bit jarring when reading or hearing someone refer to themselves in that way, however, to me I accept it as yours and your Master’s choice in how you two wish to communicate. To me it’s far better than the S/she, H/he, etc. which just really hurts my eyes!

    As far as jargon, terminology, and definitions, I find it difficult to understand how a community that celebrates each persons right to be different, can be so subjective and judgemental when someones definition or use of a term differs slightly from their own. It just screams conservativism to me, where your idea of “religion” is different from mine, so you are the one going to Hell! Sheesh!
    Take what you like, what turns you two on, and run with it!

  2. Thank you for your comment 🙂 I only use it for writing this blog and not for direct communication with people or in speech.

    Writing like this makes it easier to be reflective and collect my thoughts for some reason and he likes the style of it.

    As you say, what works for one doesnt work for another but then difference is good 🙂 I too get annoyed by people who get on their high horse about definitions i.e. ‘you cant be a slave’ ‘there’s no such thing as a sadist’ etc etc

    best wishes 🙂


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