Everyday collars

One of this girl’s earlier blogs was about her thoughts on collars and those thoughts havent changed but yesterday her Master gave her another collar -which sits loosely on the neck and is made of  stainless steel and similar to an eternity collar which has put a slightly new twist on things, as it cant be removed very easily. A constant reminder of what this girl is.

This girl still isnt officially collared, although in a way sort of the equivalent of engaged to be as she asked her Master last year and its just the getting round to planning the right time and place do it with the appropriate amount of exhibitionism and creativity lol.

The new collar is different to ones she’s had before though in that its shut with an allan key and looks like ‘vanilla jewellery’. Oh so this girl’s master thinks – this girl hasnt come across  many necklaces that dont come off! The real test will be wearing it for work and in front of family to see if there are any comments, and this will happen as he wont let her take it off or not yet anyway. This girl however has her remark planned if any one questions  it “oh yes…my halo slipped!”.

Anyway, as usual when it comes to those ‘submissive-ish’ feelings this girl has of course tried to deny that she likes it, with the normal amount of disbelief from her Master. Its so unfair that he can see through her when it comes to that type of thing. There’s something nice though about having a collar thats there all the time, like a reminder but also scarily it may cause more gradual ‘brain-washing’, as collars do certainly reinforce role and ownership, but also of course they are part of the fun and the fantasy and no lesser of a symbol of love than an engagement ring to a committed couple who enjoy the more unusual and kinkier side of life.

In a way too its good in that it will take away the sadness which comes with taking a collar off, as its quite common for this girl to wear her leather collar for hours/days at a time if not going anywhere ‘normal’. When this girl’s collar is removed at the end of a weekend of being at her Master’s or a night of play with him she always feels kind of sad and its sort of a jerk back into reality/normal life, whatever you want to call it, and the longer amount of time its on for the harder it is to let go. This girl does live in the real world of course but it will be kind of nice to reminded whenver she wants that its there and that she’s his girl, and it sits loosely so its not cumbersome. The only worry is that she promised him she’d be good whenever she wore a collar of his. oops!

This girl’s master says it is sort of a training collar to get used to wearing one all the time (or as close to it as possible) so God knows what the permanent one will be like! This girl has sometimes wondered whether she would be comfortable wearing a collar all the time but then its only a slave collar to people in the know and to anyone else its just a pretty(albeit slightly unusual) necklace, a present from the man she loves.

2 thoughts on “Everyday collars

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