A shock to the system

This girl has in the past mentioned that she really likes electro-play especially as it has always been one of those things that has the fun of being able to be used pleasurably or painfully. (or both obviously we are talking BDSM here lol). This girl particularly likes it internally and the orgasms she can get from internal electro-play were pretty much integral in her crafty bastard dom being successful in conning her into being orgasmically controlled. 😉 But then when someone can control buttons that are wired to your **** it would have a big effect on controlling you too unless you’re epileptic which would not be recommended!

This girl’s Master has stated quite a few times in the past that he would like the idea of a ‘remote controlled subbie’ and he has in the past used remote controlled vibrators and also a remote control belt on this girl. The control belt is a home made metal chastity belt ish device that has a unit which is similar to those used in electric dog collars built into it which rests just above the clit and that can be electrically remoted and which he has great fun with round ASDA because when it is ‘detonated’ it makes a beep which sounds similar to the check out beep. Yes the man is evil incarnate!

Anyway because of this as a birthday treat last week this girl bought him a remote control ‘estim’ which is an electro box which can be remoted up to around 80 metres so also appropriate for ASDA torture. lol. The idea behind it was in a way twofold in that it might discourage him from using the control belt as much as internal electrics is soooo much more fun than the surface of the skin and also that it would show this girl’s dom that she doesnt mind him thinking that he can control her sometimes!

Ok so this girl’s dom can control most of the time its just the method he uses that varies, but why have a boring life?

Sometimes it still comes a shock to this girl that deep down she likes the control. She’s not sure if its that submission is more comfortable for her if she feels that she ‘doesnt have a choice’ and that if she doesnt obey he will make her obey but really this girl doesnt think that line fools anybody anymore. It wouldnt work if she didnt want it.
Feeling controlled, feeling submissive, is actually good. Ok feeling submissive and feeling controlled arent necessarily the same thing but they are both part of how the D/s part of the relationship works.

Sometimes this girl really gets off on feeling controlled and when he’s being really dominant its a turn on too. There’s something about having her special dominant man around sometimes that just makes this girl feel good about herself. Feeling good about feeling controlled isnt always easy because they are people who can turn power over someone into a bad thing and this girl thinks in the past this was something that she was scared of but with her Master she doesnt feel vulnerable or weakened by it but more protected and safe than if he didnt which maybe sound silly but its part of how it works she feels best about herself when she feels owned and his and he knows too when to not boss her around and understands it is for the most part just a sexual fantasy.

The D.s part of this girl’s relationship with her dom in a way is still developing a lot as the relationship started more from a S/m dynamic and the D/s part crept in but it does seem to get stronger with time and the S/m play seems more effective when its there and this girl would like to experiment with blending the two together more.

In a way really S/m kind of enforces who’s the Dom and who’s the sub in the relationship its the practical part of it but the mental and emotional balance is just as important and is always there in the background but this girl just enjoys being kept in her place in fun and imaginative ways so whats wrong with that?

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