Thoughts on playing with other people

This girl sometimes feels that her BDSM is relatively highly concentrated in that its in big semi-regular doses, i.e approximately one (or sometimes two) full on weekends of BDSM & D/s per month. In a way that kind of suits her and her Dom, as it keeps it fresh and exciting and something to look forward to but sometimes when she cant see him its so frustrating when she happens to be in the mood. Its worth waiting though there’s no doubt about that.

Sometimes this girl wonders if she’d like another sub , or dom nearer to be able to do things more often and experience things with different people. But then she knows really she couldnt submit to another man like she does with him as it just wouldnt be the same and certainly physically and creatively no one nearby would be the same standard. yes oh dear blowing Master’s trumpet again, but there’s no denying he is is different lol and whilst he wouldnt be probably the best dom (more like the scariest lol) for most subs…he’s right for this girl.

Subs. This girl has played with subs in the past but knowing the needs of one she doesnt really feel emotionally she could stretch to it, its not fair to take on someone else knowing what needs a sub has of BDSM when she knows she is more committed to someone else.

So really this girl is stuck with him. πŸ˜‰

Thats good really, at one point she did have other regular play partners plus a boyfriend and she just felt that everything she did was too diluted and stretched to enjoy it properly. She felt guilty too that she wasnt meeting everyones needs enough. If a BDSM relationship is working properly then one is enough if its the right one, rather than bits of play here and there. She knows really she would be fucking pissed off if he played with other subs without her too LOL. That Dom is hers πŸ˜‰

Whilst playing with others as a casual thing can be fun its not something that is ever going to be wanted regularly in this girl’s D/s relationship. There are so many D/s couples where the couples are looking for a ‘third’ and this girl’s ex was into that. This girl sometimes wonders whether the sub in these relationships really wants someone else about or whether its more a male dom fantasy and that the subs are going along with it to avoid arguements or being dumped – this girl was going along with it to a certain extent with her ex to keep him happy.

This girl knows some threesomes where it seems to work but then maybe its something to do with her being an only child but she does not want to share regulary. lol. In a way playing with other people is one thing if its just play and for a bit of fun but when feelings and chemistry start getting involved this girl thinks its just not something she would want to get tangled up into.

Besides that she doesnt really remember when she was as happy as she is now and she’s not letting anyone screw that up!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on playing with other people

  1. I can relate to that. I’m madly in love with my boy and I dont want to play with anyone else We decided that while we attend the occasional play party, that we will only attend togther – not on our own. And the two resident Dom(mes) are the only other people we will play with, and only when we are both present so that it is still an experience between us as a couple.

  2. ps – really enjoying reading your blog. have referred to your blog in one of mine, and am gonna add u to our list of pages we like πŸ™‚

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