Everything but the puddles on the floor…

As our guest last week had so much fun and wanted to pick up a toy this girl’s Master had made for her, she ended up revisiting on saturday…with her subbie boy.

Her sub had previously made some choice comments about this girl’s Master along the lines of ‘he is a big fluffy pussy cat’ and other really silly phrases. Now in a way its funny that he called him a pussy cat because one of the subby boy’s fetishes is puppy play and generally speaking cats *are* smarter and craftier and certainly more sadistic than dogs (this girl is a dog lover though she doesnt really like cats much – what is it with females in the scene with cats so many have them!)

Anyway, Master and this girl quite regularly enjoy medical roleplay scenes and his roleplay doctor character is really quite sadistic and intimidating especially if you happen to be tied down or in anyway restricted at the time.

So what better to do to a puppy boy than to take him to the VET!

Now the poor little puppy boy hadnt been told by his owner where he was going and was led into the house and up the stairs and into a cage blindfolded – he’d never visited Master’s before so the area and town were unusual anyway. He wasnt explicitly blindfolded  it was just plasters over his eyes with sunglasses on top – vanilla people outside would not have noticed and hopefully they didnt hear the whimpers either!

So he was led into the cage blindfolded and locked in and left in a room of darkness, until the three of us (Master, this girl and the pup’s owner) decided to go and enlighten him. His face was a picture, imagine having a blinfold removed to find yourself in a very very odd playroom where you are outnumbered and the centre of attention!

He was then dressed into his puppy gear. When this girl has done puppy play herself it has just been the bondage element of it i.e. being tied into a position where it is impossible to be in any position other than crawling on your elbows and knees, but the puppy boy went further than that – he has leather paws and harness and a really sweet leather puppy face harness and with the look of fear across his face it was enough to melt your heart…for about a minute! lol

He really didnt like meeting the vet too much, but this girl thinks he was relieved when the vet really became just technical advisor whilst his mistress had her wicked way with him instead. Bit of a mind fuck really though to find yourself somewhere where you had protested that you were *not* afraid of…he seemed to enjoy himself though and had a good dose of bondage and electro-therapy. The RSPCA may have something to say about that but this girl feels confident their remit doesnt stretch to human puppies. Thankfully!

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