Politically & socially incorrect?

Someone obviously thought once that political correctness was a good idea, but with all good ideas this girl thinks a time comes when someone takes a good idea too far and seriously overdoes it with unnecessary overkill. PC has got to that point and gone far beyond.

The notion of P.C was originally to support social, political, and educational change and to redress historical injustices in matters such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation and to avoid expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or  insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

This girl was thinking about this today because someone on another website she uses asked the question of whether an SS uniform would be likely to cause offence at a fetish club.  The Nazi regime discriminated against and looked down upon pretty much every minority group that existed and in addition tortured, maimed and murdered many, and whilst the uniform and insignia were part of that, this girl doesnt necessarily believe that clothes maketh the man,  whilst they might alter an outsiders pereception of him they do not change his attitude or beliefs. Dressing up for fetish is just that it is part of the fun it does not change your personality permanently (unless you are a complete idiot who believes their own bullshit!)

You could take the attitude that in a way wearing such a uniform is offensive, and probably if it had occured in the 60s or so than probably it would be with it being more  likely to encounter survivors with first hand experiences but now we are 60 years on from the event and so this girl doesnt see why it is any more offensive than any other expression of BDSM,fetish or fantasy (although she would not suggest trying it in places such as Germany,Austria or Poland!)

It certainly is not one of this girl’s fantasies, but then she is a firm believer in the concept of your kink is ok its just not necessarily for me.

There will be people who have the fantasy of an SS or gestapo style interrogation and who might decide to incorporate such into roleplay. Provided the concept stays fantasy and you dont take on the beliefs and ideals of the original wearers what is the problem?

Another example of this is consensual slavery. The idea of fantasy slavery is something that is a key part of this girl’s D/s, that she is owned that she is his property, his toy, and his slut. But thats it – a fantasy- he doesnt treat her like a slave everyday he does not rob her of her basic human rights. This girl has come across people who see slavery as a fantasy as wrong but hey if it works and floats your boat what is the problem.   Fantasy torture and interrogation is again something she enjoys but then she knows how to see it as fantasy rather than for its original evil and unacceptable purposes.

BDSM is about admitting your deepest darkest wildest most imaginative fantasies, and as with anything there will be people who take it to extremes  that others arent comfortable with. This girl thinks though provided it is ultimately safe and consensual – enjoy it! Many BDSM practices without consent present are unpleasant and potentially abusive – even simply tying someone up would be distressing to someone who doesnt get off on it and who doesnt consent to it! Yes such people exist that would class human bondage as a crime LOL – consent makes the difference.

There are obviously things that are fundamentally wrong that shouldnt be fantasies of consenting adults such as paedophilia but this girl does NOT  count that as a BDSM practice but as a shocking and disturbing mental illness. Some things are just WRONG.

Several activities that this girl and others enjoy were once regarded by medical professionals as pathological, but are now not regarded as illnesses.  The following from Wikipedia :

Indeed, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) asserts that “The fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors” must “cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning” in order for sexual sadism or masochism to be considered a disorder. In Europe an organization called “ReviseF65” has worked towards this purpose in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10). (See ReviseF65)

However, BDSM remains, as such not technically politically correct. Fetishists remain a group of people that the majority of society frown upon, make jokes about (quite often in this girl’s workplace as it happens) and who are socially, morally and politically unacceptable to ‘society’. Ok so these days it is accepted more than it once was, but we are still deviants expressing our individuality.

Really we should pride ourselves on being the open minded ones but yet there are so many within the BDSM comunity who are as uncomprehending of other kinks to their own as the ‘non-converted’, therefore why should any BDSMer claim to be politically correct when they themselves discriminate and judge their peers. Yes we are unacceptable, we are different and odd but then vive la difference. But if you want to be different then at least respect others who choose to express their alternative fantasies and sexuality as well.

Therefore this girl remains

a bound and tortured used slave slut – (at least once a month 😉 lol) – and whilst this may not be politically or socially acceptable it is bloody good fun!

6 thoughts on “Politically & socially incorrect?

  1. What an interesting post.

    Here is a piece I wrote 18 months ago in another place.

    Lets get this straight what we do ( BDSM/ Kink/ Fetish) is NOT politically correct. So why do we insist on bringing the worst of political correctness into the scene …………………?

    We play with personal power, we play with sex, we play with violence – we hit each other , cut each other, bruise and mark each other, we wire ourselves and others up to electricity , we tie people up, we gag them, put them in cages, we *torture* them, walk all over them with spiked heels, drip candle was on them, sting them with nettles , stick needles in them and in some cases piss and shit on others. We play with weapons, knives, whips, needles and a whole lot of other taboos.

    We expouse the virtues of SSC & RACK – Rack more commonly these days ……….. I like RACK – it emphasises that some of what we do is RISKY – it implies there is a risk and that risk has to be evaluated, that there might actually be a consequence resulting from our actions – and we have to make a judgement call about that risk and those consequences .

    To make that risk assessment we need to have information, we need to have accurate information about what / who it is we are dealing with in order to assess those risks.

    We need to be able to call a spade a spade , or a whip a whip , or a nutter a nutter. We need to be able to say – I think that is unsafe ……. we need to be able to make those judgements and vocalise them. Yes we need to be objective about it and keep *emotions* and personal grievances out of the equation if we can – Yes we need to avoid stereotyping people and groups – Yes we need to celebrate our sexual and personal diversity ……………….. but where do we / should we draw the line ?

    More and more people are coming into the scene, less and less of them have any real clue about the basics, how to keep safe, how to spot a plonker, let alone how to whip, flog or suspend in ropes. You can become and experienced “Master” after going to a munch a couple times and flogging someone at a club for ten minutes – you can be a “24/7” slave without any experience of service. Anyone can give a workshop, set themselves up as a trainer, mentor, open a dungeon or a club.

    In our rush for *acceptance and understanding* and being open to all kinks from tickling to auto-asphyixiation , we seem have lost that which set us apart in the first place. I can see the “scene” fragmenting with a lot going back underground, where the rules and frameworks which attracted us in the first place are still upheld.

  2. Nicola i agree totally and its probably part of the reason why my Dom and i are pretty much are ‘underground’ already lol 😉 That and the fact that theres so many more possibilities with play in private than there is in public it being a you know, more personal experience hehe. We enjoy going to clubs occasionally but more for social reasons than to play and sadly it can sometimes get to be a case of spot the idiots who really should not be allowed to hit each other!

  3. I have a person that thinks that being the most “popular” and sought after in the D/s lifestyle is and should be the Ultimate Goal of any practicing Dominant. It’s kinda hilarious in my view. But, really besides meeting and chatting I wouldn’t scene nor play in the open. Not unless I Truelly trusted them. But, ehh I’v not had a real need for the more “public” then what I already am. And, if that bothers someone I don’t care lol.

  4. I never was one of the popular ones thats for sure i always got picked second to last in sports at school (the only girl after me was the ginger freckled one lol), popularity is for life’s cheerleaders and jocks i’m certainly not a cheerleader. I dressed up as one once it looked so stupid! (My friend who does spanking parties thought it would be a cool theme the chant was 2468 spank our bums and dominate – it sounds cheesy but the guys really liked it lol) But that was a one-off! My dom prides himself on being unpopular and thought of as an eccentric old hermit, although he doesnt pride himself on that as such. He prides himself on being able to make me admit things i dont want to admit fucking crafty bastard! stuff like admitting i want to be submissive and that kind of thing lol.

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