Far from angelic behaviour

This girl and her Master had a subbie guest to torture last weekend which was something they had not done for a while.

It was interesting for this girl to watch her Master do the types of things that he does to her to someone else for a change, to have as well a sort of a rough idea of what was coming and what was going to happen and to observe the subsequent reactions. This girl sort of got off on that a bit, that and seeing the sadism across his face without being on the receiving end!

This girl assisted her Master a little but generally she did not feel like taking on a dominant role. This girl used to switch and used to enjoy it too, but just for some reason it didnt feel right. Whilst she wasnt annoyed or unhappy that he was playing with someone else she just didnt have too much interest in being involved. Perhaps this will be something that will change if they try to double on someone again but its not really too big a concern as it is not likely to be a regular occurence in any event. She enjoyed it though as she does get off on seeing him happy and also felt good too that their guest was enjoying herself – rather a lot!

Master successfully hyptonized their guest too into being able to space and cum pretty much on command and that was highly entertaining 😉 This girl always thought this was something that would be only likely to occur in a relationship after a period of time but for some reason this other girl was highly susceptible to the power of suggestion. This girl prefers to put up more of a fight before surrendering her free will! lol

Probably the thing this girl learnt most from the experience was really just a reminder that she is lucky, whilst other people have experienced his erm talents, she’s the lucky (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) one who gets the majority of his attention regularly.

Despite this though, this girl is ashamed to say she was rather badly behaved at the weekend between sessions and showed off a bit to get his attention. She didnt have any reason to do it really other than that she could get away with it knowing that he wasnt going to punish her as the weekend wasnt about play so much for her but as for their guest. She still has the brat in her sometimes that pokes its head up and its kind of bad and makes her look bad and it sort of makes her Dom look bad as well.

Its not like she’s got away with it mind you, this coming weekend will see to that! 😉

This girl doesnt really know why though that the brat still pops up, it always will pop up but it arises more than it really should. This girl *does* feel comfortable to be submissive to her Master now and does want to she just doesnt know why she still trys to play up as if to say ‘you’re not boss of me not unless you can prove you are’ lol. There will probably come a time when she does brat a lot less but she just needs more intensive ‘therapy’ and guidance on the matter, because she knows she can feel good when she obeys and pleases him and also that it feels good for other people to see that their D/s works. Pretty much everyone knows the BDSM side of their relationship works and is admirable and something to be possibly so much as envied (and mostly that is because of her Master’s creative and technical ability) but not many people would envy having a brat as a sub even if there was everything imagineable available to hand to punish them with!

Ultimately, she does want her Master to be happy and everyone to know that she is worthy to be his sub…and not…as recently tagged… an Uber bratt! (not good!)

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