To begin with, this girl didnt mind being recognised (by her pictures and writings) because she thought the only people who would recognise her were into BDSM themselves and she thought the risk of anyone in her family or work coming across her BDSM side was very very minimal.

In fact showing off ‘this side’ of her made this girl in some ways more confident and changed her from the shy person that she was. She is still shy in certain situations, but she is certainly more confident and more comfortable with herself.

In some ways this girl gets off on showing off and being smug about what she has and who she’s with – not in a nasty smug way you know, just in a sort of “‘i’m with the best person for me (this girl was just going to write the best outright – but doesnt want Master getting a big head lol) and i’m happy and very content heeehehe” sort of way. He’s the best for this girl because he’s imaginative and fun but most of all because he knows how to look after her and make her feel special.

In a way at the party in the summer this girl sort of wanted to show off that she was the best sub there. Although it didnt matter really whether everyone thought that (although it was a bonus if they did!) as long as her Master thought that it was enough for her, because if you’re very happy with what you’ve got then it can’t really be hidden – it does get kind of cheesy and smug but so what! This girl probably isnt actually the best sub overall – you know, far from it really. She isnt the most submissive there has ever been- well not yet lol and she probably is far from being able to be able to take the most, but she knows she is what he wants so that is a good start, so as long as her values are recognised by him that makes her feel special.

Being recognised by other people is nice in a exhibitionistic sort of way, whether it be through photographs or on here or other places where this girl has written, but really its not essential. Especially photographs, in some ways the benefits of graphically showing ‘look at me – i do this’ are not worth the risks as this girl has found out recently via threats from her ex of exposing her. so in light of that this girl has at least temporarily removed nearly all photographic content of her on the web ok sure who knows how many people could have copied it but at least it minimises the risk of being outed which is a concern. This girl doesnt think she will ever have recognisable photos up again its not worth the risk – not unless her psycho ex ends up where he belongs – locked up in a cell somewhere – and not as part of an erotic fem domme scene but with big hairy men who want to fuck his arse . LOL.

3 thoughts on “Recognition

  1. If you don’t put in your last name or things like that I would say that it’s pretty hard. As long as no last names are in this blog you shouldn’t have a problem. It’s when people put there last name they can be found. But, you don’t want to do that because then people can find you a LOT more easily and may even hurt you.

  2. then isn’t really any way to really come up with who you are. Can maybe find the ip and even then it’s just a city where you live. So you’r one in how ever many live there.

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