Fantasies and Fears

One of this girl’s fantasies is to be her Master’s slave. His property, owned by him, and his most prized possession. Sadly for her Master, it is not really her fantasy to necessarily be an obedient slave but then no one can have everything lol. He is doing his very best though to encourage modification of her behaviour. Its weird in that the more owned she feels and the more she feels like a part of him, the more effective any form of physical BDSM is, and the more spacier playing with him gets her. But being his slave is just a fantasy he doesnt use her fantasy as a way of controlling her life.

Her ex however made her feel as though agreeing to be a slave to someone means that they are allowed to control your life, and that they’re happiness comes first and that compromise, well, that goes out of the window. But thats not how it should be. This girl is never letting anyone control her aside from as part of a fantasy within the trusting loving relationship that she has with her Master. Even now it feels like her ex is trying to control her , trying to push her into doing and not doing certain things because of his threatening behaviour – he’s pretty much threatened to out her to her family 2 weeks after a family bereavement. Nice(!) Grrrr.

One of this girl’s other fantasies is to be tortured by her Master, to be pushed physically and hurt creatively and imaginatively. He’s very good at that. Although, in contrast her ex recently and throughout their relationship excelled at pyschological torture at wearing her down, playing sick mind games and by just generally being a bastard.

This girl is lucky her Master she is with now understands her fantasies and does not turn them into fears but encourages them and makes them work how they are supposed to for mutual enjoyment rather than to twist them into ways of controlling her.

2 thoughts on “Fantasies and Fears

  1. I’m so happy for you! Your happiness makes me happy too lol. Its so reassuring to see you guys have a BDSM realtionship the way it should be!!! I totally relate to the whole power control thing needs to, at some level, remain only fantasy… if the control seeps into REAL control of the person its unhealthy. Its odd to say we get off on power… but only if its consensual lol. And sometimes its fun to pretent its not consensual… but only if we both know deep down it is. I feel dizzy now 😛

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