This girl thinks love should be unconditional. You cant say to someone, “I love you more when you obey me,” or “I love you more when you submit to me,” or “I love you more when I’m hurting you”.

It just doesnt work like that. You either love someone or you dont. And if you do, well, its with all their faults and warts and all.

This girl lost someone recently that she loves very much, her Grandma. No one really loves you as unconditionally as a mum or a grandma does, and this girl’s grandma certainly knew plenty of her faults. In fact this girl’s grandma caught this girl is some prety bad self-bdsm experiments once or twice LOL – but this girl was kind of young at the time and she thinks her Gran put it down to a silly game gone wrong. erm. lol.

At the funeral the other day, the vicar spoke about how this girl’s gran loved her husband who had died many many many years earlier, and this girl would like to think that she is in love as much as that.

She feels sure her Dom loves her for who she is, he always stands by her no matter how crappy things get and he always makes her feel good about herself and she tries to make him feel the same way as well.

 This girl thinks in a way submission is unconditional as well, or at least once you’re in an established D/s relationship. By that she means without limitations, or without limitations that are problems. Because, if you know someone well enough and understand how their submission works for them then you know where the pre set limits are and what they can be pushed with and how to develop the relationship further.

One thought on “Unconditional

  1. very well written (as always). i really understand & agree what you’re saying.
    Sending you a big (((hug))) for your loss.


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