Fly on the wall?

I’d just love to be a fly on the wall when the Right Man comes along” – the sentence that apparently used the first reference to being a fly on the wall. But what about being a girl on the wall when the right dom comes along LOL……

At the weekend this girl visited her Master and it was a fantastic weekend. Things between this girl and her master now seem pretty much back to normal and fun and less stressed than what they were previously:) This girl tried really hard to make sure it worked because she just wanted to get things back on track and make him happy and it worked well, that and she really wanted to play with him and submit to him.

Anyway back to the theme of the blog, this girl’s master decided to try something new this weekend which involved putting this girl in a leather harness which he then hung onto a board with rings on it on the wall using rope which meant that she was tied to the wall without her feet touching the ground and only the harness and ropes supporting her. It felt a bit disorientating to begin with but this girl enjoyed it once her Master began doing other things to erm add to the experience 😉 Really it just felt great to play with him and to see him enjoy being sadistic again.

Later, he strapped this girl to the medical bed and teased her clit to distract her (as if!) from the fact that he was torturing her anally first with electrics and then with an expanding plug – although she came before it got wide enough for him to fuck her – sometimes masters with big cocks are bad! lol.

The sex this girl had with her Master this weekend was really good too, but then cheesy happiness probably makes big orgasms 😉

They played with his special torture chair too which again involved more electrodes everywhere and a very very very big orgasm. Now this girl really challenges anyone who would ever think that putting metal internally in your body and wiring it up to an electrical box is bad or dangerous = because its not , its really very orgasmic and stimulating but then this girl loves her electrics and her master knows exactly what he is doing with them of course safety is always important.

It just felt good though really to spend some time with him having fun, and this girl really enjoyed that and hopefully it should be the start of things starting to progress again. Especially as recently this girl has come more to terms with the fact that she *wants* to be submissive to him she’s just really now wanting to sort of get on with developing that in a way that they can share and have fun with along the way.

Sometimes this girl thinks what a fly on the wall would think if it was watching her. Her insight into that the other day makes her think the fly would probably think things like you’re mad what are you doing and make sure he doesnt use the electric fly swatter on you either LOL

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