Hurt not harm

This girl is one of the many thats never had what she would feel to be a harmful experience of BDSM and hopes everyone else that comes across this is the same. This girl doesn’t want to ever be harmed…hurt though yes…LOTS -D Although probably she will regret saying that the next time she’s screaming!

To this girl, a big part of the ‘physical’ aspect of her BDSM, or S&M really, is to be ‘hurt’, to receive pain (or to inflict it if she is playing as Domme) and to enjoy the stimulus from that.

Its part of the fantasy after all isn’t it to drive the body to new places to experience new sensations, to feel the intermingling of pain and pleasure till you really can’t tell which is which anymore?

This girl knows a lot of people who would feel being pushed physcially makes them feel more alive. She’s not sure about that…usually she’s too busy screaming…or something ;) lol

The whole point of hurt though in a BDSM sense though is that its what we get off on. Harm is not (although some sick gits probably would get off on that too). But its just wrong to inflict any lasting or serious physical or psychological damage.

This girl sometimes wonder what people from outside think. She’s not just talking about vanilla people but about other BDSMers as well.

This girl wonders if people ever judge others play and think “surely what that Dom/me is doing is harmful? and or dangerous?” Although at the end of the day its up to the sub really to judge whether what they are receiving and feeling is right for them or not. Its a sub-jective (excuse the pun) experience after all. Whats wrong for one person isnt necessarily right for another. For example, this girl has reservations about needle-play but then others might not really fantasize about or feel that comfortable with electrics so its swings and roundabouts. Its just what personally you feel you want.

This girl is confident that nothing she’s had done to her has caused any harm. No doubt medical and legal experts may say differently! In fact she thinks its more the reverse. She thinks she is more balanced for being able to fulfill her fantasies rather than have them bottled up and un-lived.

The only dangerous thing about it is that she’s just a tad addicted!

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