Breath play

Picture – Breath play in latex

This girl today had someone email her on one of her personal site profiles saying that they like suffocation too because they saw a picture of this girl which featured apparatus that restricts breathing. There are different versions of breath play, and not all of them are safe unless you can read the person very well and know exactly what you are doing.

This girl has sometimes played with her Master whilst wearing rubber and with the appearance of breathing restricted by a sort of weird combination of gas masks and rubber hose and also he is looking into using an oxygen or air regulator with this to control breathing and to give an air supply to the poor girl cocooned in rubber! However, this girl doesnt see that as ‘suffocation play’. She’s never played with her dom to the point where he has made her breathing laboured or made her wonder…’is he going to kill me!’ and this girl thinks thats a good thing! There’s a difference between controlling something and regulating something and cutting it off entirely.

This girl understands some people get off a lot on edge play, and probably quite a lot of the things she does could be classed as that to some people maybe and whilst she can understand some people may get off on the idea of struggling for breath and the thought that someone has the power of life/death over them (even if its part of a ‘fantasy’) its not for her. This girl’s previous dom was into that though a little, as he was in controlling everything about her and sometimes he would clamp his hand over her mouth and wait for her to struggle for him to stop. Sometimes this girl got off on that , but she wouldnt now. Partly because she’s learnt a lot now about how bdsm should be (or how it should be for her to enjoy it, after all it is a subjective experience) but also partly because she saw a few images that put her off breath play entirely that had a strong death connotation.

Its one of these things that its fine if you know what you are doing , but there are always risks to balance and whether the fantasy is worth the health risk. This girl watched a documentary recnetly whereby 2 different doms had subbies die during breath play, kind of with different consequencies a bit – one got off because they proved it was a regular consensual practice, and the other well, he was a bit odd, but didnt because he hid the body and acted very bizarrely and was a bit erm insane as on the documentary he seemed to enjoy talking about the experience even though it had ended someone’s life.

The girl that emailed this girl today said she liked wearing suits that had no breathing holes and liked the idea of suffocation. That wouldnt appeal to this girl either, she likes play that is restrictive and controlling sometimes but at the same time likes to feel *safe within it* and if she was in something that couldnt allow breathing quickly unless it was trickily removed , well, she just wouldnt feel safe and if you dont feel safe you dont feel comfortable and therefore dont enjoy the scene.

Obviously everyone has their own fetishes and what works for one person isnt necessarily going to work for another, but when this girl is in her master’s control she knows that he is safe to play with and that there are no risks of anytihng serious happening to her.

3 thoughts on “Breath play

  1. you need to know you Mistress or Master to try edge play,its NOT for first timers and semi exprinenced sub/slaves.
    fantasy is fantasy reality of fantasy is a rude awaking.
    take care.

  2. This is a lovely pic and an activity that I enjoy very much myself.

    Could you just explain what is happening with the clip and the lead that is running from it?

    Many thanks

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