This girl thinks that one of the most important qualities to have in a Dom (or in a sub for that matter) is a good imagination and willingness to try new things and experiment.

One of the faults of this girl’s previous dom was that he was fixated on the same things and whilst that it was ok to begin with eventually it began to get a bit stale and stifling and boring. This girl knows that this has put her dom off doing the things her ex dom liked with her in a way to try and show her that there’s more out there but its not that she didnt like what she did with her ex (some of the time – its just it got repetitive and he didnt appreciate that she wanted more).

Possibly some people in BDSM are happy with doing the same sort of things every time they play, but this girl isnt really. Ok theres some things she likes more than others and does more regularly but if every scene were to be the same with the exact same toys used and the exact same sort of scenario she would die of boredom! So she likes variety. She wonders if some doms she’s come across stick at doing the same things because they dont feel comfortable with exploring further, but this girl thinks that if you have come this far well you may as well try as much as you can.

This girl doesnt think that she would ever really get bored of her dom because he feels the same way in that he doesnt let it get repetitive or dull either. It helps that his imagination is combined with a creative and technical streak which is something quite rare (around here anyway) so really this girl is very lucky.

Although there must be a point where being able to use your imagination and creativity together is a bit dangerous when it comes to ahem certain things.

However, if there is such a point a certain person this girl is fond of has passed it oh at least about 6 million times. 😉

This girl heard someone say recently (she’s not sure where…something on the tv) that people are always best at what they are most passionate and inspired about…hmmmm.

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