Unsafe words?

They tell you about safe words, which are those words you can use if you want to slow a scene down or stop it all together and they are a good idea. This girl doesnt really feel the need for having a safe word with her Master because she knows that he can read her well enough to understand her needs and limitations without her having to communicate them to him verbally during the scene.


Obviously she will communicate things that may affect her enjoyment of the scene or if she is having discomfort which wasnt designed by the torturer i.e. ‘ i have cramp in my left foot’ but she knows that any concerns like these that she voices he will listen to and therefore she doesnt require a ‘safe word’ as such. Safe words are of more benefit when playing with someone you dont know where you have not yet learnt to read each others body language and are not fully aware of each others desires, limits and needs.

However, they dont tell you about unsafe words. They never get mentioned. These are things that you can say to a Dom that can get you in a lot of hot water. There’s quite a lot of funny ones including things like ‘have you started doing anything yet’ and the classic ‘my gran can hit better than that’ lol. There are just so many things you can say that will provoke a reaction in a dom that is going to be uncomfortable or painful, which you know, a lot of the time, will be enjoyable *wink*.

However, there are other things that you can say to a Dom that can get you into a lot deeper long term trouble. For example saying something along the lines of :-

I want to prove that I am submissive to you
I want you to hurt me and push me
I want you to torture me

is just asking for a lifetime of trouble. Generally putting ideas of pain and torture in a Dom’s head is very dangerous. This girl can’t understand why she keeps doing it.

Oh thats right its her kink and she loves him doing evil, nasty, dominant and sadist, orgasmic things. lol

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