Losing yourself in role

This girl’s session on friday went quite well. Sometimes she finds a bit weird to play with people that arent her partner, but the guy she was seeing is someone that she knows relatively well and so therefore knows how to read her.

This girl thinks she prefers spanking clients to like role play. Its easier for her to lose herself in the session and enjoy the escapist nature of it that way. With her own dom its different their bdsm is something special and very personal and whilst she role plays with her dom it is with more involved characters and on a very personal and emotional level.

This girl isnt quite sure what it is about role play that makes the professional scene easier. Maybe its because it feels more like play acting or make pretend which in her head is fun and casual and doesnt feel like the idea of being with another dom. obviously she doesnt play with them anything like how she plays with her Master and not sexually but she just feels its easier to detach and dive into the scene if she is in role. She always liked adventure games at school too where she would pretend to be a superheroine or adventure hunter or prisoner or whatever and she always made those characters believable and so maybe its something to do with her love of acting (and acting up lol) as well. It just makes the whole thing feel more innocent, more like childhood adventure than a sexual kink.

She understands that bdsm is at the end of the day a sexual kink in all its forms but when its not with her dom she doesnt like to explicitly think of it that way. She prefers to think of it as two friends having fun for mutual enjoyment rather than something relating to sex or desires of the body. Maybe she is oldfashioned. Weird in light of her other beliefs lol.

But she enjoys role play and acting a lot so its just another part of the fun that makes up the things that this girl does as part of her BDSM.

Also to a certain extent she wants her roleplay characters to meet the fantasy of the client, whereas when she plays with her Master, she is his fantasy, just by being herself and she doesnt need to make pretend too much . Its enough for him that she’s his lover and his torture victim and sub.

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