Whose therapy??

This girl has a professional discipline/spanking session planned for tomorrow. As she mentioned before, this isnt something she does regulary, but just from time to time as a sideline as it were. She does it mainly because she enjoys corporal punishment and if someone wants to give her a few pounds to do something she enjoys anyway she doesnt see the catch. She could never be a full time pro-sub or Domme but on a casual basis then it can be fun.

This girl has had a lot on her mind recently and part of her feels that maybe emotionally its not right that she goes ahead with the session tomorrow. However, she doesnt want to let him down and part of her thinks that she will benefit from the play in more ways than the financial element. This girl enjoys corporal punishment, she enjoys the sort of release and feeling after its all over and she enjoys the physical pain of it. She is a masochist after all! She enjoys the role play too and the escapism of that.

This girl thinks guys who visit pro-subs/spanking girls are really looking to have that need met, whether its the simple joy of spanking someone,or meeting their kinks and fantasies . Either way its fulfilling for them its helping them meet a need they can’t necessarily meet elsewhere. So therapy in a way. This girl is sure that after these guys have had their needs met they are happier and feel a bit more positive about things that are maybe wearing them down.

But tomorrow? Will it be partly therapy for this girl as well? Its a long time since she did any corporal punishment play and she’s just really wondering how she will feel about it. She’s felt kind of bad about herself a bit recently for a couple of reasons and she’s wondering if although any punishment she receives wont be for those reasons, it will maybe sort of purge some of those bad feelings. Of course…she’ll enjoy it as well she always loves pain intemingled with pleasure but it just really makes her realise sometimes that she needs it as much as the guy does. If not more sometimes. So she’s lucky in that respect.

Its not really quite the same as playing with her own master though, who she misses rather a lot. Ok so its only two weeks since she played with him but she still misses him. No one’s ever been able to really satisfy all the needs she has as good as he does. When she plays with spanking clients after all its meeting their needs more than hers really and although she enjoys it is just not the same as playing with her own partner. There’s the sex too..she is completely faithful to her master and she really needs a great big orgasm at the moment! Sexual frustration can sometimes make other problems seem bigger, this girl knows that she always feel more positive about life after a good shag and the cuddle and kisses after. LOL. Ok maybe thats not just about the sex its about the love part of it as well. He just makes he feel better about herself. Well only a week to go till she sees him, she’s looking forward to it a lot!

She’s really hoping that she get some of the negative things out of her life before then or at least planned a bit better, so she can concentrate on enjoying good play, good sex and being with the man she loves.

2 thoughts on “Whose therapy??

  1. Wow finally someone else who understandsd. Check out my blog when you get a sec.

    Keep it cuming šŸ™‚

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