Mental Submission

This girl doesnt always feel comfortable with the idea that she is ‘submissive’. Sometimes she rebels against it, sometimes it just doesnt feel as though the idea sits well on her. However, she’s gradually getting more and more used to it.

The other day she was feeling like she desperately wanted to submit to her Master. She’s not really sure whether its because she just wanted to, or because its as she felt she couldnt. Both this girl and her master have a lot of other things to contend with at the moment and to a certain extent she feels like asking him to be dominant or sadistic at the moment just isnt appropriate. She thinks maybe she’s being selfish that she’s missing it. At the end of the day it is only two weeks since they played, but still she really wants it at the moment. Maybe its because of all the crap thats going on that she longs for the escapism of it.

She knew she was going to be seeing her Master briefly the other day, she doesnt know why but whilst she was sat in the steam room at the gym she got very spacy thinking of him. It sounds cheesy but she almost had one of those sort of out of body experiences, as though it felt like her mind and emotions were disconnected from her body. It sounds odd, but thats what it felt like and it felt like he was totally in her head.

Anyway, so she then went to the sauna cabin and in her mind he was fucking her, it was weird though because she could feel physical effects of it and in her mind he told her to orgasm, so she did. Normally she cant orgasm without him saying the magic word so she’s not sure why it happened, only that he was so much on her mind that assumes that is the reason.

Its weird though isnt it that someone has the ability to affect you so much without even being there, being able to do weird things to your body without being present and without even speaking to you.

This girl misses her master very much and just cant wait to show him how much he means to her and how much she wants to submit to him. She knows she’s going to have to be patient but it is so frustrating!

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