Meeting Needs…

This girl’s ex boyfriend/Dom is still carrying a bit of a torch for her. Sometimes,she wonders if she made the right decision leaving him. She knows deep down that she has made the best decision for her future and for sanity and for heart but it doesnt stop her wondering.

At the end ofthe day she knows her ex cant meet her needs like her master can. Not financially, not emotionally and certainly not sexually or in BDSM. Ok the latter is maybe being shallow – but when it comes to BDSM this girl is erm relatively high maintenance and its something she needs to be happy in everything else. This girl thinks that if your needs and fantasies in BDSM are catered for, well, it makes the daily grind more bearable and gives you things to look forward to!

OK so other things in life have to be balanced as well, you cant just have BDSM on its own. You need the complete package, but this girl just knows Master is more capable of giving her that , much much more, than her ex. This girl probably just needed to write that out to remind herself! Sometimes she misses her ex’s company and wel like anyone he had some endearing qualities – but he never really made her feel like she wanted to feel. He never made her feel like she was exactly what he wanted or that he felt lucky to have her. Master makes her feel that way though and thats something that makes her happy.

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