This girl is a submissive woman…

Inspired by this girl’s previous post, written by herself for her Master.

This girl is a submissive woman,
Who chooses to submit because it is part of who she is,
Part of who she needs to be.
She chooses she is not forced.
This girl is a submissive woman,
Who feels special when his hands place her collar round her neck
And when she hears the padlock close,
She feels safe and protected.

This girl is a submissive woman,
Who trusts her master to look after her mind and body
And to hurt her without causing harm,
And trusts him to fulfill her needs and fantasies.

This girl is a submissive woman,
Who needs to feel pleasure and pain at his hands,
And hear his firm voice whilst seeing love in his eyes,
As he causes her body to be racked with a mixture of sensations.

This girl is a submissive woman,
Who needs to be imaginatively tortured by her sadist
To be driven sensually and sadistically to orgasm,
And to be used for his pleasure when really it is for hers as well.

This girl is a submissive woman,
Who needs to submit and obey,
Who needs to feel owned,
To feel free.


This girl is just a woman,
Who requires love and support
and who needs to give everything in return
and who will only be happy if her man is too.

This girl is just a woman,
Who feels for her man when he is down
And wants to hold him and kiss him
And help him through his problems the way he supports her.

This girl is just a woman,
who may be his slave and torture victim
who more importantly is also his lover and his friend.

This girl is just a woman,
Who is here to share his fantasies,
But who also, when needed,
Shares all his ups and downs.

This girl is just a woman

2 thoughts on “This girl is a submissive woman…

  1. i am new to the D/s world, less than one yr. My Dom, who introduced me to the lifestyle, told me 4 days ago (i’ve been serving Him 11 mths) that He has another sub. She knows all about me, He wants us to meet, get to know each other,and become a closed triad. ive always wanted to be with a woman but never had opportunity. according to Him, she is ok with anything He can think up. it has gotten easier for me over these 4 days, but i still find myself getting jealous of her, thinking she may be more imp to Him than i am. He has tried to assure me that isnt the case, that i am imp or i wouldnt be here, that if i was going to be replaced, i would have been already. i need advice please on how to incorporate her into my life and make her a friend, possibly a sister sub. btw, im extremely turned on by the prospect of being with another woman with Him watching, or doing whatever He can think of with her. its the emotional attachment He has to her that makes me jealous.

  2. kelly, i’ll respond to you more personally by e-mail as well.
    This issue is something that has cropped up in the past with me too- my ex Dom was really into looking for another to serve us both and whilst i’m bi and was happy enough (and still am) to play with girls casually i didnt really want it to be a regular feature in my life.
    For me part of the reason why the BDSM and D/s work so well with my current Dom is that both of us enjoy learning and exploring fantasies together. Its a sharing thing. Plus also whilst I know there are D/s relationships where its not so much a romantic relationship and just a play/sex thing- for me it is a relationship in ‘vanilla’ as well, and although this may sound cheesy when i play with him my heart is engaged just as much as my mind and body. For me he isnt just my master but my best friend and my life partner (yes oh dear a life sentence lol) and i wouldnt want anyone to threaten that and what we have with each other is more than enough for us to be happy why jeopardise that?
    Saying that, for the right people poly relationships can, and do work. It may be worth while looking up to see if you can find anything written by people in these relationships as they may have written about how they’ve overcome any hurdles and how it works – and I just dont have the experience of poly to advise on that.
    In my mind tho, if other people are to be involved the biggest thing is TRUST. Each person involved needs to know where they stand and what the others are up to. If trust exists in a BDSM relationship then pretty much anything is possible but if it doesnt the relationship is fundementally flawed.

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