Sub Drop

The way this girl has her BDSM at the moment is great and it pretty much keeps getting better. The hard part is always the disconnecting from it at the end, returning to reality.

This girl thinks the more intense you play then the harder it is afterwards. Lets face it unless you’re someone that the whole 24/7 type of relationship works for (and she isn’t) this is something that has to be handled.

Its not something this girl suffers from frequently, and certainly never did from club play and things like that, its only when she’s really sort of sunk completely into the fantasy that it happens.

Maybe thats where playing somewhere that is pretty much associated with the fantasy and not anything to do with reality is possibly a bad thing. Its too harshly disconnected from everything else that the end of it is quite abrupt. The other side of the coin of course though is that it is a damn good fantasy and its escapism. Thats how this girl sees her BDSM though really, escapism, from the monotonous and mundane. She sees it as fun not the b all and end all.

It doesnt really help that this girl’s “vanilla” life isn’t stress free at the moment – the usual headaches of normal life.

Suppose its just days like this when its been not long after, and this girl hasn’t got much to do other than housework that she feels a bit lost. Or possibly maybe her body just catches up with the amount of sensations its been through and feels zonked!

Although it isn’t really possible to be electrocuted and tied up every day is it. Who would want that? lol. It would be like having your favourite meal every day and very rarely having anything else. Having the normal stuff, makes the special stuff stand out more as something to be appreciative of.

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