One of those women??

This girl sometimes hopes she isnt turning into one of *those* women who turn to submission because they want a man to come along and sweep them off their feet and take them away from whatever shit they have in their lives and make the world a better place in return for submission.

This girl does know better. She knows that her Dom hasnt got some sort of magic wand that’ll make all the things she doesnt like about her life better.

Sometimes though she wonders if she’d like just to be his slave, not necessarily to be 24/7 , but not to have any major decisions to make, and just to have to concentrate on meeting his needs and let him worry about the rest.

That thought lasts usually all of twenty seconds.

Yes this girl sometimes wants slavery. But as a fantasy. Not as an alternative to living a normal life. Its just not practical. Besides if her master was to be responsible for her totally where is the fantasy for him?

Maybe some men would like the idea of having control over a woman’s decisions and just having her as his toy and servant. But men like that arent living in the real world either,and really if any men like that exist, or men that would like complete control of a woman – well they are just bullies and control freaks. Master is not a bully and not a control freak either. WEll…not a bully anyway. He may be a bit of a control freak *sometimes*…but not too often!

But really this girl isnt one of those women looking to surrender control of herself in return for being protected or provided for. No.

As she’s said before all this girl has ever wanted is to have the fantasy, but not all the time, and only as one part of a balanced relationship where both parties contribute equally to everything.

Well ok maybe to a certain extent she wants her master to look after her, but only if she’s allowed to look after him too!

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