The hanging cage

This girl has often wondered about the idea of fantasy abandonment. Being left…waiting…restricted…waiting for your fate without anything else to think about or distract you.

Anyway yesterday master left this girl hanging in a leather suspension cage in the dark. She was not suspended very far from the ground, only inches, but enough to feel floaty, to swing a little and to feel disorientated. Being in a leather cage is like being in a net almost, it stretches and tightens round your body. You cant move much and it holds you tight.

Master left this girl in the cage for about an hour. Well not really left her fully, he was still aware of her and listening for any sound she might make. He would never go far.

When you are tied up in the dark it is difficult, or impossible even, to measure time so this girl had really only two options, which were either to let her predicament agitate her and torment her or to relax and drift off ‘elsewhere’. She chose the more pleasurable option.

Left to think about what her master might do to her when he returned, this girl pondered about what sort of mess of loving submission she would be when he came to release her. It played with her head quite a lot because she had no idea of how long was to go before he would come and no idea as to what he was going to do when he took her out and that was effective.

This girl thinks that sometimes having your freedom and control temporarily taken away from you can be very exciting and very much a turn-on and therefore when master took her out of the cage and put her in the fuck sling she was rather ermmmm messy!

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