Bound in leather

Picture – leather sleepsack

This weekend this girl played with her master.

Master inserted electrodes into this girl’s holes and then held them place with rubber panties and then placed her in their new leather sleepsack, with only the wires protruding to allow connection to the electrical ET312 box which master cruelly set to the torment setting.

Electrocuted to sleep

The sleepsack is basically a big leather sack with zips and straps to totally immobilise the occupant and left this girl totally helpless. Master then combined it with a leather hood so that this girl was left to drift off into subspace encased in leather whilst her intimate parts were tortured and electrocuted. This girl could not do anything to move and was left just to enjoy the pleasure and pain combined with the aroma of leather and sex until he allowed her to orgasm.

This girl loves the combination of sensual deprivation, control, electrosex and bondage…just a lot!

4 thoughts on “Bound in leather

  1. lovely way of long time torment that’s really great to see u in such a encapsulation suffering under the layers of leather and rubber, just imaging how looks youor eyes

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