Public Play

This girl remembers a conversation she had once abut public play. She had been to a club the night before and had participated in some public bdsm play for the first time in a while.

Her friend asked if she had had enjoyed the ‘rollercoaster’ type experience of play…. he used that metaphor as its similar in a way….you are secured down so you can’t move then your taken on a journey into the unknown and suffer from the dreaded anticipation before the massive high before being released.

This girl doesnt find public play that special though. Not any more, its just more personal and less restrictive and inhibiting when its alone in private and you dont feel as though you’re putting a show on for someone. This girl used to enjoy it a lot, but now she supposes she’s been spoilt a bit as she has everything she wants in the one place. Public kit generally isnt as inventive as to what she’s used to in master’s playroom (unless its somewhere like Nemesis) and the background noise can be too distracting. Mainly though this girl doesnt like to think she’s there to put on a show for the benefit of other people, she likes it to just be a personal experience between Master & herself.

Public play has its place but at the end of the day it cant be much other than bondage and corporal punishment, and this girl loves so much more than that! It can still be good to go to events to show off and make people say ‘gosh he is such a cruel sadistic Dom’ lol, because of him doing things like leaving this girl stranded in the middle of a room in ballet boots or walking around sexually impaled, but thats really the only benefit! This girl just likes to enjoy herself and have fun, but when it comes to lovingly submitting and being tortured its more fun in her own BDSM disneyland.

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