More on controlled orgasms

Being an independant woman, stubborn and quite determined, this girl was suprised when her Master began to control her orgasms.

Perhaps it is just that it got to the point in this girl’s mind that everything was right and falling into place, and also if the mind can be controlled then the body will usually follow.

At first she wasnt comfortable that her mind was suggesting to her body that she should let him take control, perhaps even she felt vulnerable and brainwashed to begin with. She felt sometimes that he was too much in her head and the possibilities of that scared her at first. Admitting her submission has always been a difficult issue for this girl but one that she is getting better at with time, and that sometimes, if pushed, she would go as far to say sometimes she is even able to embrace it lol.

Although this girl doesnt think she was brainwashed really. Not deep down. Nothing like this happens unless you want it to. The most effective suggestions are the ones that you already have at the back of your own mind. It just sometimes takes the right person to make you realise that its what you really want and to show you that it feels good to own up to it through your words and actions.

If this girl knew how to explain how it worked, she wouldnt. Part of her still likes the mystery of it, and she thinks it is something that will work differently dependant on the personalities and likes and limits of the two people involved. With this girl, Master seemed to combine suggestive ideas with play to make her connect obedience and submission with the types of pain and pleasure that she liked, and something worked anyway.

So now just a certain word for him and this girl can orgasm. It can be quite evil in a few respects because she gets release when he wants (usually it coincides when she is ready for it) but only when he wants or decides. This girl supposes it doesnt really matter too much because she was never one who found ‘playing with herself’ that satisfying really, so in some ways its almost an invisible chastity belt which doesnt bother her.

He can even do it over the phone when he is miles away, its not as powerful, but its still there as a reminder that he can control her and give her body pleasure as a reward for her allowing that.

Its better though when they are together and he’s playing with her or making love to her after play, then it can be quite mindblowing. Sometimes this girl cant work out whether she allowed this to happen or whether he made it happen. Maybe it is both. As she said before this sort of thing doesnt work unless its what you want.

4 thoughts on “More on controlled orgasms

  1. That was always the real pleasure or the most interesting part with me and my ex. I remember one day she told me that she couldn’t orgasm. She’d tried and tried. She even showed me and couldn’t. I finall told her and she did. It was like finding a new thing to play on for sex but also and this is more deeply then that it was “WOW. I’m trusted with this? Like she trusts me that deeply?” Was touched. I think it’s a bit of A. and B. combined.

  2. I know what you mean, Aaron. For me as well part of the wow about it is beforehand it was very hard for me to orgasm but now just one word from him and it happens but its especially powerful when i’m really needing it, when there’s been a build up of play or from sex and he just..releases me. Its pretty amazing.

  3. oh whats the secret? I have thus far been unable to orgasm without me using a vibrator on myself. One word from my boy while I am playing with myself will tip me over the edge. Oh how I’d like to move on from that though, to him giving me the orgasm!

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