One in a million

This girl read a post the other day written by a submissive lady looking for a male Dom partner. She commented that for submissives with experience it can be hard to find a compatible play partner, as quite often ‘available’ Doms will be newbies or relatively inexperienced in comparison.

It got this girl thinking quite a lot as she thought back to when she was looking and indeed quite often people advertising themselves as ‘Masters’ would have no experience really of what that entailed beyond at worst domming someone over a webcam or at best experience in mild corporal punishment.

This girl found her Master because she wanted more than that, she wanted someone who could bring something new to her bdsm and also fulfill one or two fantasies that she had that had hitherto gone unfulfilled. She was lucky really that she came across him because he is pretty unique and special. A lot of subbies would maybe run a mile if it was suggested they play with him (due to his reputation of ‘quirkiness’ and extreme deviance) but he was perfect for this girl and thats all that mattered. She’s pretty confident that she meets his needs as well.

But thats so difficult isn’t it? Meeting someone that you just click with and everything fit perfectly or as near as humanely possible anyway. To find someone that meets your needs in BDSM as well as being a good partner.

This girl thinks a lot of people in the BDSM and fetish scene settle for something less than ideal, because, sometimes, the fact that someone is available and wanting to play with them might be the best they can manage. Of course, if you want a relationship to work then it will if you make the effort, but this girl thinks a lot of BDSM relationships fail because people dont appreciate that and jump into relationships just because that person is available rather than being suitable.

This girl thought a little about what would happen if she stopped seeing her Master and had to start looking again. She thinks it would be near impossible to find happiness in BDSM again, because really what she has with him is perfect and she has never met anyone more creative or imaginative with his ermmm repertoire.

Back on the experience issue, this girl thinks its possibly easier in a BDSM relationship if the Dom/me is the more experienced party as that way they can teach the submissive and help them develop. This girl thinks it would be harder to pass on her knowledge of BDSM to a newbie Dom because part of what makes her BDSM work is that she doesnt really know what he’s going to do next and he keeps her on her toes. She feels maybe if she taught someone how to play with her then it just wouldnt be the same. She would miss his imagination and that wicked look in his eyes as he watches her reaction.

This girl is very lucky really when you think about it and she really does have someone that is one in a million.

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