The price to pay for having a nice bum!

This girl is a real woman as in she’s a size 14 and curvy rather than a stick insect. In addition to this she loves corporal punishment, and combining the two has led her to sometimes getting work as a ‘spanking model’ (note : no sexual activity involved JUST corporal punishment)This is not something she does often and she does it mainly for the fun and enjoyment of it.

Anyway, yesterday this girl had two sessions with some interesting gentleman, and for one of them was required to wear expensive lingerie. Now this girl is a pretty down to earth kind of girl, but thought, that well, she would make the effort. So she went into a lingerie shop and chose something. The price of the stuff was extortionate! But, it was well worth it, the knickers were scented and the stockings were exquisite and the gentlemen definately appreciated it. It made this girl feel very special too , to feel like a bit of a glamour girl for a change!

Anyway, so she had about four hours of corporal punishement and role play in total, involving different outfits and scenarios and lots of strokes of the cane and tawse. Now, this girl is quite used to corporal punishment so doesnt normally mark, but this time she did.

This girl kind of likes having bruises afterwards, she likes sitting down and remembering for days the punishment and the fantasy as well, and looking in the mirror and seeing the rainbow of colours on her bottom. Its sore, but worth it and part of the enjoyment for her. Maybe she is just too odd! She even quite likes sitting in her work, feeling the soreness and thinking that amongst all these normal people she really is quite different!

2 thoughts on “The price to pay for having a nice bum!

  1. TG,

    Good for you, in so many ways. Kudos for rejecting that body image rubbish. You’re beautiful just as you are.

    Bravo too for having the courage to earn money from your kink. A third cheer for recognizing that different need not be bad.

    This girl is wise beyond her years!


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