Special Service

This morning is this girl’s last morning with her Master for three weeks. It drives this girl crazy living 200 miles away from him. Long distance relationships give the benefit of that any time you spend together is special, but on the down side it makes the imbetween visit bits quite difficult.

So all in all normally when the time comes for this girl to leave and for her collar to be removed (as she wears it most of the time she’s at his) she gets very sad. But this morning she woke up and instead of crying and falling into his arms, she decided to do something to show him how special she thinks he is. She thought rather than him waking up to her tears, she wanted him to wake up to see her being submissive to him, being happy and spoiling him.

So she put on her maids dress complete with frills and made him breakfast in bed and woke him with a kiss. Master looked very happy and it seemed to turn him on a lot too 😉 Now, having sex whilst wearing a dress and frilly petticoat in the height of summer maybe isnt the most normal thing to do but then this girl and her Master arent’ really normal people!

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