S/m without D/s and vice versa!

This girl read a post on bondage.comlately and it was about this topic, whether S/m (i.e. play) without D/s is actually fulfilling enough.

More than once with this girl, when she’s started playing with someone new (*whether as bottom or top*) its generally started as S/m as in , you know, mostly “just” play.

Just play is probably enough for a quick fix to get what ever masochistic or sadistic needs you have fulfilled but long term thinks that maybe its not enough. Not for her anyway.

This girl had thought maybe it was but despite anything she’s ever done to avoid it the whole D/s thing seems to creep in what starts as physical always seems to end up getting in my head and turning it into something deeper. Its probably because from either the top or the bottom she always try and put a lot into it and it just ends up going that way because of the feeling and effort behind it. Which isn’t a bad thing!

What she don’t like though is D/s WITHOUT S/m.

This girl doesn’t think its really easy to dominate someone or submit to them if you’re expecting them to do it solely because of the D/s relationship and without any physical motivation at all, without any play.

A good balance of both is definately needed.

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