When this girl first got into BDSM, enemas werent something that she was dying to try. It was just one of those things the thought of the humiliation of it just didnt remotely turn her on.

However, this girl foolishly made the mistake of joking to Master that she wanted to be treated like a princess as opposed to being treated like a slave. Just for a change, you know. 😉 So out came the enema kit. Which confused this girl quite a lot, but Master’s retort came..Well….it was good enough for
Princess Diana

Well this girl therefore supposes she was asking for it!

But, since trying it, its really not so bad. Theres a lot of different types of enema kit you can get, and here are some examples of enema equipment.

Yes, it is humiliating to wait whilst your Master rigs up the kit and then gets you to bend over so he can poke a cold dildo into your ass and then the feeling of your bowel filling with water and then that yucky desperation you feel in wanting to release…but…there’s something fun about it too. This girl has always liked anal play and it makes anal play afterwards so much more easier, cleaner and hygienic and satisfying – so whats a few minutes humiliation in exchange for that?

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