This girl has mixed feelings about chastity. Its a pretty evil thing for someone who is highly sexually charged (and thats an understatement).

She hasnt (yet) spent more than around six hours in chastity. Thankfully! Although…she’s wearing her chastity belt at the moment and likely to be for some hours yet. arrrrgggh.

There’s quite a lot of designs available for female chastity, as shown on sites like Chastity UK but this girl’s chastity belt is home-made. Its similar in style probably to the picture on the above site entitled ‘Neosteel’, its a leather lockable belt, with rubber g-string and an alumium front it has a hole it enough to be able to either tease the clit (but not as much as being free allows) or pee through but thats about it. Its not really uncomfortable as such, it just feels restrictive, controlled and it makes her want release more than she might otherwise.

This girl supposes its one of those things that when you cant have something you want it more.

It doesnt stop there though, as mentioned in an earlier blog it can be fitted with an electrical device to give electric shocks just above the clit. This has a range of around 100 yards and really quite evil. Thankfully Master has been merciful in not fitting this at the moment!

This girl sometimes doesnt see the point of chastity, she only orgasms on command from a certain word anyway (and not telling you what that is :P), so if he doesnt say the word she doesnt cum anyway.

Maybe the point of it is frustration, control and the showing who really is in control of giving pleasure and pain. Well she has mixed feelings about it, sometimes she likes to feel controlled but sometimes it just makes her frustrated and agitated and horny!!

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