Playing for the first time…

Its now about 18 months since this happened…..and havent looked back 🙂

It was quite a last minute decision to go and play with Master the first time, it hadnt been pre-planned it really and Master and his girl had only met once before. Although from the initially meeting and from comments I’d gotten about him from mutual friends this girl felt safe enough and very interested in playing with him.

So she made an approx 200 mile trip to go and see him. It was a bit daunting, driving on a road she didnt know to pretty much, well, a place that isnt quite the end of the earth – but within spitting distance. lol. He was standing at the doorway when she got there, and for a minute or two she was thinking ‘oh fuck what have i let myself in for’ partly because of that evil deviant smile of his and she was very close to just staying in the car and hiding, but it was too late for that – she’d been spotted!

Being in this girl’s Master’s playroom for the first time would be daunting for anyone, but he put her at ease and they had lots of fun. She got try quite a few things that she’d fantasised about for a while including suspension and more involved electrics than the violet wand. It was pretty much an experimental session though to try a bit of this and a bit of that, that tends to be whats needed when you havent played with someone before and when there’s 1001 things in front of you to choose from!

However, the highlight for this girl was at bed time.

Try sleeping in a room hanging with leather objects on all four walls when you’ve just spent hours playing. Its not very easy. Its difficult to calm down from the buzz of play if you’re kept in a sort of play atmosphere.

So she couldnt sleep.

Earlier in the evening, Master had put this girl in a suspension ‘box’ and then sprayed water over her. Well, she thought, REVENGE! So at around 5am, she crept into his bedroom and sprayed icy cold water in his face and in erm his personal area. He woke up quite startled. She ran back through to the playroom and hid under the duvet in her bunkbed. He didnt come through straight away so she almost thought she got away with it, or worse, that she had pissed him off, but it turned out he was just quietly contemplating how to deal with being woken up with a cold shower.

So Master came through to the playroom, and climbed up into the bunkbed, and put leather mittens on this girl’s hands and then inserted a vibrator in her and then strapped a chastity belt around her. Chastity + vibrator seems a bit of a weird combination, but the man’s evilness was being illustrated by showing her that she wouldnt get to sleep either due to sheer frustration! Bastard! But worse, the chastity belt had an electric zapper on it just above the clit that he could remote ‘detonate’ to torture her further. He then took her into bed with him in that ensemble to make sure she couldnt get into further mischief.

The outcome though…

Well that incident had shown this girl that Master had a good sense of humour and a deviant and imaginative mind, and had shown Master that this girl would be an ‘interesting challenge’ for him and good fun.

And thats the whole point of BDSM isnt it – having fun, using your imagination and taking it seriously enough to be safe but not to seriously to stop enjoying yourself and exploring your fantasies…..

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