This girl has known her Master over a year now. She came across his profile via reading one of his weblogs on the UK based ‘informed consent’ although pretty much his reputation preceeded him (whether or not that is a good or bad thing she still isnt’ sure!). Anyway she read his profile and as he was online and he looked intriguing – she contacted him on messenger.

This girl had been looking for a Dom as a play partner at the time as her previous Dom had not as much interest in S&M as she had and she wanted to meet someone who could take her further and help her explore more experiences and sensations! Well she sure got more than she bargained for as it turned out!

Talking to someone initially over messenger can be difficult and embarrasing initally and its sometimes difficult to tell the difference between someone who is genuine and someone who is just a timewaster. This girl was pretty convinced though that Master was for real. Something hit off anyway.

So they arranged to meet at a local munch, or pub gathering of fetish type people. She saw who he was pretty much as soon as he entered but she deliberately tried not to draw her attention to herself as, well, she wasnt really sure what might happen and being just that bit shy too she was a bit nervous!

Anyway, her attempts to hide failed when someone mentioned her name in a conversation and he heard. He gave her accusatory stare and exclaimed ‘YOU!!!’ quite loudly and beckoned her to sit on his knee. This girl would like to point out that she doesnt usually sit on strange men’s knees especially quirky ones dressed in leather but she felt she should make the exception in this case and she doesnt really regret it!

Nothing much really happened that night as it was just a case of putting a face to a name and idea of a person. This girl would always recommend that its best to meet someone in a social setting first before you go running off to play with them or meeting them in their home.

But anyway, it confirmed to each of them that they were for real and paved the way for, shall we say,something potentially interesting 😉

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