Master’s property

This girl knows that in this day and age it isnt legally possible for one person to own another or that when it was possible that it was cruel and inhumane, but knows that her type of slavery is something different to that and something special.

This girl has come across some people who feel it silly to refer to someone as a slave in a bdsm relationship but this girl thinks that if its part of your fantasy and what works for you then why not?

This girl sold herself to her Master.

Not at an auction, although she does have a fantasy about a female slave auction with girls covered in mud, fighting with one another until they are sold and lots of debauchery. lol. The profits would go to charity of course, although this girl doesnt see such a thing happening in the UK! (although if you can arrange it please memo!)

Anyway, this girl felt like she belonged to her Master from a very early stage and so in jest offered him the chance to ‘buy’ her. The price tag was very small – one penny to be exact – but it was the gesture rather than the amount. This girl supposes a penny as a romantic gesture feels worth more than if thousands of pounds paid for her body which would just make her feel cheap and like a piece of meat.

The penny is very precious to her and she keeps it with her always, although its something very small it reminds her that he owns her.

Consensual slavery is about being owned and feeling protected and loved and nurtured, which this girl feels that she is.

At the end of the day, its not like historical slavery.

She is only owned by her Master because she wants it to be, because he does whats right for her and because she loves him.

It only feels real because its what she wants. Ok its still partly a fantasy and this girl can still feel normal a lot of the time but she just feels lucky that whenever she wants to escape into her fantasy it feels so real with him.

This girl knows that it ever stopped working she would stop being owned. It only works whilst its consenual and love and trust in the relationship

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