Master’s Collar

This girl isn’t collared. Well, at least not yet that is. Although, this girl still thinks that even if you havent actually had that type of ceremony a collar can still signify a great deal in the relationship and Master did once ask her what it meant to her specifically…well this is the answer.

This girl possibly evaded answering the question fully beforehand as perhaps she was embarrased that a little piece of leather meant so much to her. She isnt’ now.

A lot of that comes back to what she said in her previous blog, that she was partly afraid to admit to surrendering control because of past experiences but now she feels comfortable enough to share.

To begin with, putting on and taking off a collar resembled the beginning and end of play, of fantasy, of escape to that realm. Which any escape to BDSM is special in itself.

However, after time when this girl’s relationship with her Master developed he gave her a lock-able collar. It means quite a lot to her because he made it himself and put a lot of effort into it’s design and creation. She was very happy when he gave it to her.

The more this girl wears her collar for her Master the more the effects of wearing it sink in for her. When they are together she usually wears it overnight (apart from when they’re being a normal couple and that does sometimes happen!) and it just makes her feel so comfortable and loved. She supposes that it feels mainly like an extension of his love and also control of her, something she can feel constantly when she’s wearing it. A reminder really. It makes her feel owned by him but more importantly it makes her feel loved and protected and special.

She knows it means a lot to him too and he keeps it by him constantly when she cannot be with him.

This girl recently asked her Master to make or to give her another collar. She asked him if he would collar her properly and he said yes. She asked him because she wanted him to know that she was comfortable with being his and wanted him to know how happy that made her. This girl thinks it moved her Master quite a lot. Being collared ‘officially’ is just a ceremony to draw attention to the fact that they belong together and she hopes it will be a celebration of how happy they are. He already owns her body and heart she just wants everyone to know it! But then…she knows she owns his heart too

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