BDSM relationships

Love is never an easy thing, so this girl doesn’t know why people imagine or try to think having BDSM in a relationship makes it stronger or easier to work through. It doesnt. Although, when you have a good balance of both you need to hang on to it with everything.

This girl never thought she would feel what she does. A year ago she thought she was just a masochist and didnt really understand the emotional mechanics of submission too well. But then, it takes a special person to change perceptions.

This girl now sees herself as his slave, but by that she means not some deprived slut, tied and beaten, or someone taken advantage of, but as someone looked after and nurtured, and yes, owned. Ok some people may not feel that one can own another, but sometimes it is part of the fantasy. Its part of feeling special, of feeling loved, of feeling as part of the other person and an extension of trust.

Trust is the most important part of any relationship, but in BDSM it gives you a foundation to explore each other, to push limits and take things to a very special level. You need to work on that first if you want a mutual satisfying experience from it.

This girl has that with her Master, but he’s special for other reasons too. Allowing him trust just gave him the opportunity to use his experience, creativity, imagination,dominance and sadism to take her where she needed. She doesnt feel that he’s ever broken that or done anything unfair, harsh or manipulative by her whereas in the past others had which made her doubt that she was comfortable to submit to anyone and maybe for that reason she found it difficult to put her guard down. Her Master is not like that, he’s helped her a lot and made her very happy. This girl knows that it makes him happy too.

This girl doesnt pretend things are perfect,as perfection is impossible but she feels they have something special that will get even better with time. This girl loves her Master very much but sometimes she worries that if it wasnt for the fantasy would he mean as much to her? Although, this girl is not stupid she knows the answer, BDSM is just a small part of what makes being with him work, and although maybe a shared interest in it got them together its just one part of the jigsaw. Sometimes she is scared of losing him and thinks that maybe she doesnt deserve so much happiness as this but like she said before things dont always come so easy and special people are worth fighting for and hanging on to .

Master this girl loves you and wont let you go.

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