Escapist Fantasies

This girl has mentioned before that there is a big difference between BDSM fantasy and normal day to day reality. This girl doesnt try to make her BDSM her reality. She doesnt go round ASDA and Tescos on a leash or kneel loving naked on the floor waiting for Master to come home every night – although stuff like that wouldnt really do it for her. BDSM is escapism *from* reality though in a lot of ways….

The BDSM she shares with her Master makes this girl feel really good and special. When she plays (and by that it could mean D/s type roleplay or S&M or both together) with him, she feels like for that time that nothing else matters. It feels just totally shut off from everything else.

Sometimes she wonders whether it is childish to try and shut out reality but then why not? As a child this girl used to always love adventure games and pretending she was someone else. Usually it was a torture victim of some kind. What a suprise! lol

This girl doesnt see whats wrong with escaping to a fantasy world as long as your head is screwed on and you know the difference i.e. as long as you’re still able to make decisions in day to day life and do all the usual vanilla things…work…run a home…kids (although this girl doesnt have any kids) as long as you’re able to manage your responsibilities whats the problem in indulging ?

This girl thinks some people expect being in a BDSM relationship will take away their other problems. It doesnt. They think that they can lose themselves in the fantasy and that it will all go away. Thats not practical. Temporary indulges are great but its not supposed to be a long term substitution for living a realistic responsible life.

Some people might think that this girl’s fantasies are all in her head. However thats not true. When she plays it feels real, it feels deep and meaningful and yes, it does make day to day shite feel not as bad – it doesnt take it away, but having that special relationship there gives her the support and happiness to make life feel complete.

Its not always appropriate to act out BDSM scenarios, because sometimes pressure of real-life can take your mind of wanting to, can distract you, can make you too emotional to be able to cope with it. This girl has felt that way a few times recently. She’s lucky in that her Master understands that sometimes BDSM is healthy and part of what she needs but that some times she just needs to be listened to, cuddled and loved.

She is so lucky that her Master is her lover, her soul mate and her best friend

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