A Perfect Weekend

This girl met her Master on Saturday at a rendevouz point with other local BDSMers to attend a BDSM/fetish themed party/BBQ and camping weekend

The cars lined up as a convoy to be led to where the event was held, possibly the first time Scotland has ever seen a perverts traffic jam – well…on a country lane in the middle of nowhere especially!

The venue was perfect, in the countryside with no other houses around and a large field for everyone to camp in that was staying over. There were around 30 people there in total so it was a good crowd. Shortly after arrival, this girl and her master were socialising and it was suggested that this girl remove her clothing as it was an extremely hot day. This girl protested and subsequently got thrown in a very cold pool by Master. Although, she wasnt complaining too loudly as there was several attractive naked subbies in the pool already!

The main event though of the afternoon, preceded by the rather odd naked jelly wrestling and the delicious BBQ was of this girl’s first proper go of pony play. Master makes his own equipment and had brought down her pony harness and a specially designed pony cart. This girl pulled Master, who was wearing his jodphurs and riding boots, round the sunbathing perverts and felt very happy albeit a bit of a show off!

Pony play summer 06

This girl got pretty spacy from the pony play as the good thing about it is that it combines sensory deprivation (i.e. from the blinkers) with bondage, being tied to the cart and movement being restricted. That, in combination with being the centre of attention got this girl very spacy indeed.

Master and his pony girl won a prize for the best dressed at the party, as sadly pony play isnt something you get much of in Scotland so everyone seemed to appreciate the effort.

Later, this girl also was strapped to a bondage bed and tortured with the electric ET312 via an inserted electrode but she’ll write about the joys of electricity some other time properly.

At bed time, this girl and her Master slept in a tent, after completely amazing sex and woke up to a gorgeous day and lay watching clouds floating in the sky.

This girl really enjoyed being the centre of attention over the weekend but what made it the most special for her was that she is beginning to be more comfortable with being Master’s submissive. This girl has a history of being a bit of a ‘brat’ but she was having so much fun that she didnt even think about playing up and just enjoyed playing with him and pleasing him and probably got off on most just the fact that he was happy with her.

This girl got a very big buzz from Master being proud of her and totally enjoyed the fun they shared.

Nothing could have really made that better.

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