Pulsating . . .

Synonyms 1. pulse. Pulsate, beat, palpitate, throb refer to the recurrent vibratory movement of the heart, the pulse, etc. To pulsate is to move in a definite rhythm, temporarily or for a longer duration: Blood pulsates in the arteries. To beat is to repeat a vibration or pulsation regularly for some time: One’s heart beats many times a minute. To palpitate is to beat at a rapid rate, often producing a flutter: to palpitate with excitement. To throb is to beat with an unusual force that is often associated with pain or heightened emotion or sensation: to throb with terror.

Some people ask what electricity feels like and that seems to sort of hit something…

This girl can only comment on what it feels like for her of course, and yet, even then, its difficult to describe something which is so intense, erotic and orgasmic without saying ‘look here just you bloody try it yourself because otherwise you can only take my word for it’. Not everyone can try it easily of course, given that it requires the right equipment and the expertise of someone that knows what they’re doing – but it is definately worth it if you get the opportunity to give it a shot (provided of course you have no medical conditions that suggest it wouldn’t be sensible like epilepsy or a dodgy heart).

The easiest way for this girl to describe electro play, which she has probably said somewhere before, is that its sort of like the feeling of a very strong vibrator crossed with pins and needles but its actually a lot more than that because done correctly it sends pulses through the flesh, the nervous system and ultimately through the brain. In fact thats exactly what if feels like,  rhythmic pulses being shocked through the body.

There’s a lot of things that can be done with electricity and BDSM and the overated (sorry but it is) violet wand is just the tip of the iceburg – it just plays with the surface. Its flashy, its pretty, it looks good at demos but it can be better especially given thats last century’s technology.

The picture below shows something that happened recently, and reminded this girl just how easily a few strategically placed electrical contacts can give her Master complete control of her body. Here, she has an electrical plug rigged up to the ET312 in her vagina, pads rigged up to the tens on her nipples and pads attached to a box sold as a sort of ‘beauty aid’ to help strengthen muscles which is actually very strong on her stomach and legs and then a little butterfly tens above the clit. Ok yeah yeah its overkill. Though Grimly doesn’t know the meaning of that word. Just as well!

Imagine him, poised finger over the buttons able to send shocks to all these different parts of her body, able to vary the sensation intensity, pattern and whether its just one place being shocked, or several, or all.

When the power is delivered, it sends tingles to the pads and to the contacts and to the plug, it makes the skin around it pulse and tingle and feel very sensitive and also, because the pads are placed to be on muscles – he can make her body move, twitch, and wriggle about without this girl being able to stop it. Its a really funny sensation. Its like being an electric or remote controlled puppet, instead of one controlled by strings. He decides which parts of her body can move, not her.

Its an odd feeling that. Knowing that as soon as he presses the button she will loose momentary control of her own limbs. She knows of course that she is completely safe in his hands so its hardly a concern and it is also extremely erotic, feeling completely controlled by him, his toy, his experiment.

Ok, so this is all a little ‘frankensteins monster’ “More power Igor”, but then, who needs haunted castles and lightening bolts when you’ve got batteries, wires and an evil genius. Its so much less melodramic and much more sinisterly clinical. It is of course part of the fantasy for this girl and Grimly – to have that effect and feeling.

Sometimes yes, of course this girl feels a little bit like a guinea pig waiting for the next mad experiment and wondering what sort of post tortured state it will leave her in, but its a great big part of the fun and it feels amazing.

It is completely as though he has finger right on the pulse of what turns her on, what will drive her to orgasm and compel her towards an even deeper submission and all it is really is a few buttons and wires and his genius.  She would not be without that. Electro play isn’t for everyone, its a bit freaky, a bit edgey, and yet, in the right hands, with the right imagination…its completely mindblowing and an extremely deviant way of exercising a little control in an extremely physical but also very psychological.

Setting the scene for annus ligatio

Picture – leather straight jacket and electrics

No…the title isnt some sort of weird anal play – its supposed to be latin for year of bondage. Ok its not funny…well probably nothing is thats inspired by HRH.

This girl and her Master started the new year as they mean to continue it – with bondage, with electricity and with a lot of fun.Her Master spent about 10 days at her house over Christmas and the new year and it was great just being together for so long in one go, even though some pretence of ‘normality’ had to be observed for the sake of family and friends.

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